Are your technology resellers invested in your vision and have they run with that plan world-wide ? We will review your business objectives and, on agreeing mutual financial goals, will establish, manage and grow your very own dedicated channel and/or partner management structure. This can include an exit model allowing you to take back a ready made overseas HQ!
  Are your technology resellers invested in your vision and have they run with that plan world-wide ?     We will review your business objectives and, on agreeing mutual financial goals, will establish, manage and grow   your very own dedicated channel and/or partner management structure.     This can include an exit model allowing you to take back a ready made overseas HQ!

What we do..

Outsource Sales

UpStream can serve as a subsidiary incubator or a dedicated or even hidden reseller.

We build a profitable business in Europe or Asia Pacific within which you can implement your own sales and marketing culture while maintaining the option to “outsource” the risk as well as local financial, legal and administrative logistics.

This can incorporate marketing, direct sales, existing channel management and customer support and metrics based on your own company processes.


Why Us?

Expand Globally

Traditional channel models offer the opportunity of geographic market access with low initial overhead and risk. It is widely used by US and Asian technology owners to bridge geographic and cultural barriers.

In return the channel spreads its financial risk by pushing as many suppliers downstream as possible to ensure a consistent return.

In reality this means:

  • Diluted focus for a technology owner
  • Difficult to leverage cloud based opportunities
  • Growth goals in a region are rarely achieved.
  • Geo-cultural barriers are reinforced
  • Feedback from local customers is filtered or non-existant.
  • Metrics & Forecasts are painful
  • Feast & Famine sales performance means missed targets
  • Multiple channels can creates a disconnect with your larger customers who operate as a global market.



For further information:

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Reconnect with Partners

Our team has a vast experience of building a market for US and Asian technology companies in the following territories both directly and through partners:


Middle East


Eastern Europe

Asia Pacific

This gives UpStream a unique insight into the needs of individual territories. Established contacts in individual countries allow us to rapidly access local market knowledge and leverage this to quickly grow a successful business based on your technology.



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